At the Butchers Steak & Grill, there are no wrong choices.
However, there are a few options which we believe are that
little bit more special…


Chateaubriand Steak
Invented in the kitchen of the French aristocrat François-René de Chateaubriand, this method of preparing steak allows the thick cut of aged fillet beef to reach
its full potential.

Although we cannot reveal all of our secrets here, we find that many of our repeat customers never look back after tasting one of our Chateaubriand steaks. We are just glad that all of the effort our fantastic chefs put in is appreciated!


Tomahawk Steak

This striking on-the-bone rib steak isn’t available on regular restaurant menus, but we are committed to offering the finest meat flavours available – and that means serving the tomahawk.

We trim the bone back in order to give it its conversation-starting axe-like appearance. This bone, along with its delectable inter-muscular fat content, release their flavour during the long cooking process giving it a character you simply cannot get out of lesser cuts.


These steaks are cooked for a minimum of 40 minutes,

which means pre-order is required.

We compliment these artistic masterpieces with a selection of vegetable sides including our famous triple-cooked chips, beer-battered onion rings, slow-roasted mushrooms, and juicy vine-ripened tomatoes.

Liquors and Cocktails

With the amount of effort and care we put into our fantastic dishes, it would be a waste to serve substandard alcohol alongside them.

Our professional tasters have assembled an array of wine, gins, malts, whiskys, and beyond. Our servers can offer advice on what spirits will perfectly complement your chosen dish, although we have gone to great lengths to make sure there are no bad choices.


If you are looking for a flavour which is a bit more elaborate, allow our mixologist to shake and stir you up a delicious creation from our cocktail menu.

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