Soup of the Day  
Served with a warm bread roll & butter

Chef’s Choice Bruschetta

Seafood Chowder
Served with fresh bread

Haggis and Stornoway Black Pudding
Bon Bons
With a whisky sauce
Potted Smoked Mackerel
Cucumber gin & garlic crutons

Prawn & Chorizo (GF)
Garlic & Herb Spice

Hand Dived Scallops (GF)
Stornoway Black Pudding & Burnt Apple Puree

Smoked Ham Haugh
Marinated in Napoli sauce

Butchers Meatballs
With a Napoli sauce

Chicken Wings (GF)
Hot & Spicy_



24hr Jack Daniels Burger
¼ Butchers burger topped with BBQ Jack Daniels brisket, skinny fries & side salad.

Butchers Beef Burger
Skinny fries & side salad  

Chicken & Chorizo
    Sliced Chicken breast topped with chorizo, Cajun fries

Haggis & Jalapeno

Minced together with butchers beef, skinny fries, side salad.

Pulled Pork
¼ Butchers burger topped with pulled pork, apple & fennel, skinny fries, side salad.

Falafel, spicy pesto, sweet potato fries
side salad

All burgers are served with fries
and a side salad.

Add bacon, cheese or onion





Skinny Fries (GF)

Sweet Potato Fries (GF)

Triple Cooked Chips

Salt & Chilli Potato skins

Cajun Fries

Parmesan & Garlic fries

Salt & Chilli Chicken

Mini haggis nachos

Garlic Mushrooms 

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Truffle Mash

Chipotle Buttered Corn

Sautéed Potatoes (GF)

Onion Rings

Side Salad (GF)

Seasonal Veg (GF)


Sirloin 12 oz
Sirloin steak is cut from the upper middle 
section of the beef & is considered a tender 
cut as well as being well marbled with fat
Ribeye 12 oz
Ribeye steak is cut from the rib section of the beef. Due to it’s highly fatty. composition it Is considered the richest & beefiest cut
Fillet 10 oz
Fillet steak comes from the lower, middle
of the back & forms part of the Sirloin &
considered the most lean & tender cut of beef.
T-bone 20 oz
Best of both worlds the T-Bone consists of is
both Fillet & Sirloin & is cut from the short loin of
the beef.

Surf and Turf
6oz fillet steak with king prawns

Add King Prawns
Add Chorizo
Add King Prawn & Chorizo 

Sirloin, ribeye & t-bone are dry aged
to a min of 45 days & are all served on
the bone for max flavour.


All steaks served with triple cooked chips,  onion ring and
vine tomatoes




The Chateaubriand is cut from the centre section
of the beef tenderloin & is considered the most
succulent cut of beef

Tomahawk Steak 
The Tomahawk steak is an on the bone rib steak, cut from the fore rib of beef.

Butchers Steak Platter
Consisting of chateaubriand, sirloin, ribeye & rump steak. X2 triple cooked chips, onion rings & roasted vine tomato (suitable for 4).

We recommend these cuts of meat to be cooked Medium Rare to retain maximum succulence & flavour of the beef.

Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes cooking time on sharing steak (cooked medium rare)




Hunters Chicken
Wrapped in bacon, cheesy mash & BBQ Sauce 

Roasted Lamb Cutlets (GF)
Thyme Infused Potatoes, Tenderstem
& Min Jus

Fish & Chips
Mushy Peas & Tartar Sauce

Vegetable Stroganoff (GF)(V)

Beef Stroganoff
Strips of fillet dusted in paprika flamed in 
brandy finished with sour cream

Salmon (GF)
Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Cauliflower & Parmentier Potatoes

Rack of Ribs
BBQ Sauce, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw,
Skinny Fries


24hr Jack Daniels Burger
Classic Club Sandwich 
Side salad & plain crisps

Fish Finger Ciabatta

Side salad & plain crisps

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

skinny fries & tartar sauce

Butchers Trim Steak Ciabatta 

cheese, caramelised onion & skinny fries

Haloumi Sandwich

Pesto & Red Pepper

Butchers Meatball Ciabatta

Side salad & plain crisps

6oz Fillet Steak

skinny fries & side salad

6oz Rump Steak

skinny fries & side salad

Steak deal for 2 

x2 6oz rump steak dinners & bottle of house wine.

Pre-Theatre Menu available
Monday – Friday 2pm-6pm
2-course £9.95     3-course £13.95






Jack Daniels Glaze



Beef Dripping 

Blue Cheese 

Garlic Butter

Smoked Garlic Butter


All Sauces are Gluten Free


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Tel: 01505 336 710